Why you should buy redmi k20 pro over of oneplus 7 pro

Why you should buy redmi k20 pro over oneplus 7 pro.

Hey there everyone, I'm Farhan Mansuri founder of Technogienie.com and now I will tell you 5 Extreme reasons to buy Redmi K20 Pro instead of OnePlus7 Pro. 

Before starting let me tell you that if you are fan of Oneplus Smartphones like me and want to buy OnePlus 7 Pro then go and buy that beast phone,nothing to worry it's an quality phone you won't regret buying it.

But for those who likes to play on safe side,for those who wants a power packed phone but are confused which one to buy then scroll down and read the reasons I personally feel to be considered to buy Redmi K20 Pro instead of OnePlus 7 Pro.

I don't want to write all the features of these two phones so if anyone who is not aware of the specs of these 2 phones then click on this links - Redmi K20 Pro & OnePlus 7 Pro to know more.

5 Reasons to buy Redmi K20 Pro instead of Oneplus 7 Pro

1.Red Hot Body .

Yes, you've seen correctly Red Hot Body but not in terms of temperatures but in terms of looks.
Redmi K20 Pro has a very Awesome looking Body coming with 3 different types of colour Combinations inspired by Fire. Flame Red,Glacier Blue & Carbon Black. The look of this phone will attract you to buy this Smartphone.

Redmi K20 Pro Flame Red Variant
Flame Red 

Reasons to Buy Redmi K20 Pro instead of Oneplus 7 Pro

2. Luxury of 3.5mm Audio Jack .

Another  reason to buy Redmi K20 Pro instead of OnePlus 7 Pro is the luxury of having 3.5 mm audio jack. Though it has been proved that listening music from Type C audio Jack has more crisp and clear sound than listening to traditional 3.5mm audio jack,but many other devices and earphones still not contains Type C audio support. Having 3.5mm Jack enables you to connect to large number of other devices (such as speakers) having 3.5mm Port.

3. Luxury of FM Radio .

Though nowadays people prefer to  listen music more than FM radio but Corporate peoples loves to listen Radios rather than wasting time in listening music,many youngsters too listen to FM Radio mostly to listen some comedy.

4. Luxury of Rooting the Phone.

Yes,you have seen correctly xiaomi allows their users to root the phone You can unlock Bootloader and root and it will not void warranty if you use miui rom but if you use any third party rom it will void warranty.

5. Low Price.

Xiaomi has done a great job here by launching a smartphone K20 & K2 Pro with almost similar specs of OnePlus7 & 7Pro in an affordable price no one can't even believe.

Redmi K20 Pro starting at INR 25,200 (converted) not only challenges the OnePlus 7 Pro (starting at  ₹48,999), but also kills off regular OnePlus 7 (starting at ₹32,999) single-handedly with the set of features in bag.

Redmi K20 Pro has been launched at a starting price of Yuan 2499 (INR 25,200) for the base model with 6GB RAM and 64GB storage. The India prices are not yet confirmed, but it may cost somewhere around 25,000 rupees in the country, according to the latest rumours.
OnePlus 6GB RAM model is priced at 3,999 yuan (~$581),In India it is priced at ₹48,999 for 6GB+128 GB internal storage  a way costlier than Redmi K20 Pro.

True Flagship ?

Many would argue that OnePlus originally defines a true flagship, while Xiaomi only has just pulled off a budget flagship high on features. If you can own a flagship at half the cost, is it worth going for a higher priced smartphone just because Robert Downey Jr endorses it?
At the end of the day performance matters.

Why we recommend to buy Redmi K20 Pro instead of One Plus 7Pro?

Redmi K20 Pro have the similar features as OnePlus 7 Pro, like Snapdragon 855, notch-less display, pop-up sensor, 48MP Sony sensor inside a three camera setup, in-display fingerprint sensor and such more at a low price than OnePlus.
Given Xiaomi’s track record, it be pulling off an aggressive pricing strategy again against OnePlus to bring in the cheapest Snapdragon 855 smartphone in India.
The rumours say that both the Redmi K20 smartphones will be priced lower than the Chinese variants. So, that’s a bigger threat for OnePlus and other brands.

We do appreciate what Xiaomi is doing by Selling a smartphone at a low price having  almost same specs as OnePlus smartphone has for which OnePlus is charging double the amount.

Xiaomi has not done this for the first time,previously xiaomi has launched Poco F1 the cheapest Snapdragon 845 chipset smartphone and now the cheapest Snapdragon 855  chipset smartphone.

Redmi K20 & K20 Pro India launch will happen in mid-July.

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