How do Airbags work?

How do Airbags works.

What is Airbags? 

What is Airbags? How do Airbags works in Car? Myths of Airbags.

Airbags are passive restraints that activate when a vehicle gets into an accident. Airbags save our lives during an accident with the help of decomposition reaction, it is a type of chemical reaction in which one reactant yields two or more products. The general form for a decomposition reaction is: AB → A + B. Decomposition reactions are also known as analysis reactions or chemical breakdowns.

How do Airbags work?

What is Airbags? How do Airbags works in Car? Myths of Airbags.

Airbag systems typically consist of multiple sensors like accelerometer, ignitor a control module, and one airbag. When there is a collision Accelerometer detects it and sends electrical signal to Ignitor the Ignitor ignites chemical propellant called sodium azide which decomposes which results in producing a large volume of sodium and nitrogen gas this gas instantly fills the airbags, now since this process takes about just 30 to 40 milliseconds the airbags blow from the steering wheels instantly helping save our lives. 

Myths of Airbags.

So, after learning what is airbags and how airbags work we will bust some airbags myths. 

1. Airbags Can Suffocate You  

When an airbag activates during a collision, it remains inflated for only a few seconds, which isn't enough time to deprive you out of oxygen. Furthermore, airbags are manufactured with pores that allow air to pass through even while the bag is inflated. Hence, airbags cannot suffocate you. 

2. Airbags Can Kill You. 

During a collision, airbags exert a lot of force, so it is possible to be hurt by one. Sitting too close to a deploying airbag can result in burns and injuries. Using an airbag without a seatbelt or having something between you and the airbag (like a pet, a glass bottle or even a cell phone) can also result in serious injury.

3.  Airbags Were Designed To Be Used Instead Of Seatbelts. 

What is Airbags? How do Airbags works in Car? Myths of Airbags.

This is absolutely false, airbags are designed to be used in conjunction with seatbelts to enhance crash protection, it is necessary to buckle up seatbelts to avoid serious injuries.

4. Airbags Are Easy To Reset.  

Though you may think Airbags are easy to reset but never ever try to reset your own Airbag without having proper experience and knowledge. There are strict specifications that must be met in order for your airbag to successfully deploy in future.

5. Airbags cause Fire.

The minor explosives used to deploy the airbag can often smell like smoke or fire. Don’t panic. If your car really is on fire, of course you need to get free and to safety if you’re able. But more than likely, you’re just smelling the lingering stench of exploding airbags. 

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